Fair Trade

Fair Trade

There are many fairly traded products where the issues are well known and understood, but cotton is a very complex commodity and the impact of our buying decisions on poor farmers in the developing world are not always apparent. We've done our best to bring together and clarify some of these issues, highlighting why Fairtrade is such a powerful tool to help address them.  Read on to discover more...

5 Shocking Facts About Cotton


When thinking about unfair trade in relation to cotton, we typically think of sweat shops, but what are the real issues in the production of cotton? Read on to find out more...


Fair Trade and Cotton

Whether farmers can make a living from their cotton is determined by the price they can achieve for their produce on the world market. Restrictions on which countries will import from them, subsidies in developed nations and other unfair trading practices all have an impact. Read on to discover why and what effects this has on marginalized farmers.